Meet The Owner, Ryan Razooky

I, Ryan Razooky, offer many different platforms to elevate your game through private/semi-private and group training sessions. Along with many events throughout the year. Team training and weekly clinics also allow for a great learning experience. My goal is to help you reach your goals.

Professional Skills Training

Training focuses on dribbling, passing, shooting, finishing, ambidexterity, and decision making. All training is based on basketball situations and creating opportunities for success. You will learn a plethora of new moves and counters to beat any defense. While learning to beat every defense you will also learn to defend many offenses and offensive moves. As of 2018 I’ve helped put over 15 freshmen on varsity and cannot wait to add more! I’ve assisted Mark Ogden achieve his first G League Contract & Yassine Gharram with his Commitment to Yale.

Some of Ryan Razooky's Accomplishments

Ryan Razooky hosted The best camp San Diego has ever seen bringing in world-renowned NBA trainers and coaches Ganon Baker, Jordan Lawley, & Cody Toppert (Houston Rockets) to train over 100 players coming from California, Texas, Hawaii, Mexico, Arizona, Florida, & Washington for 6 hours a day for 3 days. 3 Years in a row.

Ryan Razooky brought in world renowned/celebrity trainer Devin Williams of the 10,000 series to San Diego twice for In The Lab camps alongside himself, Jordan Lawley, & The Sports Physicist, Cornell Jenkins, with over 100 players breaking down the game from the ground up. Players learned how to score and defend 1 on 1, play 2-man and 3-man game/actions. 1 day camp.

Ryan Razooky brought in NBA trainers Damin Altizer and Jordan Lawley for a 1 day Camp in San Diego with over 100 player learning advanced skills and intellectual concepts of the game.

Ryan Razooky traveled to Mexico (Tijuana 4 times and Oaxaca once) 5 times hosting camps with over 100 players. Featured in the newspaper. Many of the players that attended went on to compete and win national championships.

Ryan Razooky helped Celebrity Streeball Legend “The Bone Collector” host his first annual San Diego Camp. 2 day camp focused on mental toughness, defense, and offensive fundamentals.

2nd Round Draft pick (36th overall) Johnny O’Bryant Trained privately with Ryan Razooky for 2 weeks straight. Played a season in the D-League. Signed a 2 10-day contract with the Nuggets, and 2 with the Hornets before signing a guaranteed deal with the Hornets for the 2017-2018 season.

Ryan Razooky has been a lead instructor at the EBC and Ballislife Junior All-American camps, sporting over 500 players from across the world.

Novian Cherry spent the 2017 summer training with Ryan Razooky and shortly after signed his first professional contract in Europe.

Oregon Tech Ephraim Church trained with Ryan Razooky all summer 2017 and is slated to have a big year this upcoming season.

Luxembourg professional Mark Ogden came to San Diego and trained with Ryan Razooky all summer 2017 preparing for his next professional season.

Christian Rose has been training with Ryan Razooky since middle school and has began seeing interest from Division 1 schools to get a scholarship.

Ryan Razooky hosted the first Ball City clinic at San Diego City college alongside Head Coach Mitch Charles and Assistant Phil Scott. 50 players in attendance learning advanced fundamentals.

Ryan Razooky is the skills director and instructor for the San Diego Sabers, All Net Academy, Top Gun Academy, San Diego Rockets.

Ryan Razooky has traveled up to the Inland Empire twice hosting separate 5-hour clinics.

December 2016 Ryan Razooky traveled to Dubai and worked with college and pro players.

Summer 2017 Ryan Razooky traveled to Florida for 3 days to host NBA pre-draft workouts near Miami, alongside Ganon Baker and Mihai Raducanu.

January 2017 Ryan Razooky traveled to East Africa and hosted a skills clinic in Kenya.

Summer of 2018 Ryan Razooky traveled to Charlotte to prepare Johnny O'Bryant for his next contract

Winter of 2018 Ryan Razooky traveled to Israel twice to prepare Johnny O'Bryant & his teammates to win the Israeli Championship

February 25th 2019 Ryan Razooky opened The Hoop House